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The art of listening

What's the Difference?

The goal of Master loudspeakers is to reproduce music that is as close to reality as possible. Of course, Master is not alone in this, but Master loudspeakers are constructed to achieve this goal in normal living spaces, and in this, they are virtually unique.

In achieving the goal of realism, Master employs the very highest-quality drivers and electronic components. Master loudspeakers employ the best drivers available today. Most of the drivers used in Master speakers are custom made. These are the only dynamic drivers that work with a perfect piston movement. That means that the drivers do not have any breakups (flexes) within their frequency range, and have none of the audible distortion that can be found in most other drivers on the market. The custom used for these drivers is an kevlar, with a thickness of only 1.5 mm in the midrange and bass drivers, and a mere 5 mm in the treble drivers. This makes the cones very light, and allows extremely fast and dynamic music reproduction. These drivers have the best of both worlds, the microdynamics and resolution of electrostatic drivers as well as the macrodynamics of dynamic drivers.

Distortion masks detail, and because of their distortion-free reproduction, every Master sounds extremely detailed and transparent. Unless all musical details can be heard, naturalism cannot be achieved.

The crossover networks of all Masters are as simple as possible, and use the best components on the market, including robust foil coils, Teflon ring core coils (for bigger values than 3.0mH), polypropylene capacitors, and induction-free resistors.

Enjoy music, enjoy life!

Master Stealth Monitor

Imagine an orchestra, a small combo or a single musician playing in front of you. A variety of tones and its harmonics is produced, not to mention the dynamics: from the hissing of a barely touched string to the full sound of a blasting orchestra. All these nuances must be reproduced in your home, in the right tonal balance, by a relatively small enclosure: the loudspeaker.

A real challenge to the engineer dedicated to music. Computer-aided design and knowledge of materials are very useful tools for the designer to melt all relevant parameters together, but attending concerts, tweaking and another extensive listening-session are even more important for the finishing touch to the product.

After years of research, Dynamic Solutions gives birth to some speakersystems which move nearer to the performance of the original event than its competitors, even those which are higher priced.

Master Stealth Grand


Master Serenity


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