Record Research Labs Deep Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine Fluid The Record Research Labs record cleaning products are now sold under the Mobile Fidelity (MoFi) brand name.

Same product, different label. Brian Weitzel, a chemist and analog enthusiast in the Pacific Northwest, has developed what he considers a very safe, non-invasive, yet effective method of cleaning records to audiophile standards.

To achieve the desired purity for RRL fluids, Weitzel designed and built a special copper distillery, producing distilled, quadruple deionized water. Distilled water as a base alone still contains many trace minerals which can be positively or negatively charged and attach themselves to the vinyl. Deionized water reduces the level of trace minerals in the reacted water, greatly reducing the amount of mineral contaminates on the record itself. Chemical labs have for years used deionized water in their work. Lab grade water is single stage deionized water, RRL is quadruple deionized.

These added stages provide us a base that is extremely pure. The active portion of the solution is a low level surfactant that is effective at lowering the surface tension, penetrating and lifting grease. This surfactant is both alcohol and phosphate free. Alcohol permeates the vinyl surface and “leaches” out essential oils from the jagged groove walls. Vinyl life expectancy may be reduced by alcohol based cleaners due to the heat created by the stylus in the groove without necessary lubrication. Phosphates can bond to the surface of the record and are environmentally damaging.

Trisodium EDTA is added to the surfactant as a preservative, greatly reducing bacterial growth with no sonic signature. Carboglycinates are added as a vinyl lubricant, again chosen for its lack of sonic signature. Both compounds are vinyl and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning with RRL fluids is a two-step process, first using Deep Cleaner (on a one time basis to remove mold release compound) , next Vinyl Wash.

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