Rhea is an all-tube phono stage, suitable for moving coil or moving magnet cartridges. It is part of the Saturn Series (link to Saturn Series description), sharing common design characteristics with the Calypso, Janus and Atlas. It has won numerous awards worldwide, receiving acclaim for its sound quality, build quality and flexibility.
  • Three RCA inputs.
  • Each input has its own gain and loading setting that is saved even when in standby mode or the unit is turned off.
  • Zero global feedback.
  • 40-75dB gain maximum, selectable via front panel or remote control.
  • 9 MC loading settings: 75-47,000 ohms, selectable via front panel or remote control.
  • Remote control of gain, loading, input switching, mute, and demagnetizer.
  • Built-in MC cartridge demagnetizer.
  • Two sets of XLR and two sets of RCA outputs per channel.
  • All tube amplification and output (10 tubes total).
  • Full function remote included.

Rhea is available in two versions: Standard and Signature. The standard version uses high-grade Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors. The Signature version uses exotic and expensive coupling capacitors and other critical parts to bring the performance to a higher level. All versions of Rhea can be factory upgraded to Signature.

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