In designing our newest tonearm, the Phantom II Supreme, we knew it had to be far superior not only to other fine tonearms available, but also to Graham's Model 2.2, Original Phantom & Phantom II. If it weren't, there would be no reason to continue the project.

The final result, the Phantom II Supreme Model B-44, has exceeded even our highest expectations. To come straight to the point: it has surpassed the venerable 2.2 & older Phantom models in every area of performance! The Phantom II Supreme simply is in another, far higher, plane of performance! Compared to the original Phantom & Phantom II, the new Phantom II Supreme has a similar outward appearance, but has important internal differences. The Phantom II Supreme features an improved Bearing Housing with reinforced tungsten inserts, making it heavier and more damped resulting in a BIG increase in Dynamic Range, a redesigned counter weight which is smaller in diameter allowing for greater compatibility on different turntables and the ability to be closer to the pivot point of the tonearm. The Phantom II Supreme also includes an Updated Cartridge Alignment Gauge that lets you accurately set up your cartridge! Not to mention, all the other upgrades from the Original Phantom to the Phantom II: refined Magneglide (tm) stabilizer, new internal wiring for even better detail and improved freedom from any mechanical resistance, an upgraded pivot design for even greater dynamics, and a new titanium armwand. Together, these improvements yield greater performance in the areas of dynamics and sheer musicality, while retaining the features the earlier Phantom was noted for.

"It was easy enough to compare the Phantom B-44 with the Phantom B-44 II, and I easily heard major improvements in speed, air, high-frequency extension, and detail. Using the Lyra Titan i phono cartridge, the Phantom II sounded considerably faster and more open on top. Bass performance was unchanged, which was fine, as it was already well extended and extremely well controlled. With its ease of setup, tracking agility, arm interchangeability, and ultra-high build quality, I consider the Phantom B-44 II to be among the most desirable arms currently available."

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine October 2009 "There is a degree of craftsmanship in this version of the Phantom that reminds me of that involved in the design of great sports cars. ...It is obvious to me that I wasn't getting this level of performance before the Phantom II arrived, just as it is obvious to me that the arm is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design savvy." - Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound October 2009 In every way, the Phantom II Supreme delivers an unsurpassed musical experience. The improvement is across the board, and includes deep, detailed bass extension, silky-smooth inner detail, and dynamic impact that can be startling when the music calls for it; also, a huge (but not exaggerated) soundstage extending both side-to-side and front-to-back. The Phantom II Supreme delivers high-frequency response that is extended, detailed and sparkling; yet, it is exceedingly smooth, and not at all aggressive. The sound seems to float in space, just as one would have heard it at the recording session, and with a sense of ease and naturalness that is free from all sense of strain and effort, permitting hours and hours of pleasurable listening. The reasons for these and other significant improvements are many, and are the subject of patent applications. We hope you will agree that taking a few minutes to read the following design background on the development of this, our newest concept in analogue playback, will be interesting and informative...

(Read Below, after Features & Specs) The Phantom II Supreme is our best effort , a state-of-the-art instrument that is not to be equaled by any other fine tonearm, regardless of design. This is true even for other arm designs made by turntable manufactures. It is NOT true, as some believe, that "the best arm for my turntable must come from the same manufacturer" (although some turntables are purposely designed to be impossible for use with any other arm, and which will severely limit your options for later improvement). The Phantom II Supreme was developed and tested on many fine turntables, such as the SME, VPI, SOTA, Basis, Clearaudio, etc. While many of these manufactures provide armboards (either for our own Custom Mount or the SME mount), Graham also makes armboards when necessary for a proper fit.

The Phantom II Supreme is a true "drop-in" replacement - an improved one - over any other tonearm, and the proof will be in the listening. Claims - and counterclaims - abound in the high-end market (and Graham just made a bold one!), and it can become confusing as to what's really correct; however, once you experience the Phantom II Supreme for yourself, we know you will agree that this is, truly, the finest tonearm Graham has ever produced and quite probably the best arm available today!

  • Features:
  • Heavier, Reinforced Bearing Housing
  • Redesigned, Smaller Diameter Counterweight
  • Titanium armwand
  • New internal silver wiring
  • Refined design of MagnaGlide stabilizer unit
  • Upgraded pivot design

  • Specifications:
  • Effective Length: (Standard Model) 235mm, (Long Version) 247mm
  • Offset Angle: (Standard Model) 23.431 degrees, (Long Version) 22.230 degrees
  • Overhang: (Standard Model) 17.6mm, (Long Version) 16.7mm Tonearm Weight: 1100 grams
  • Cartridge Tare Weight Range: 5-19 grams

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