Imagine an orchestra, a small combo or a single musician playing in front of you. A variety of tones and its harmonics is produced, not to mention the dynamics: from the hissing of a barely touched string to the full sound of a blasting orchestra.

All these nuances must be reproduced in your home, in the right tonal balance, by a relatively small enclosure: the loudspeaker.

A real challenge to the engineer dedicated to music.

Computer-aided design and knowledge of materials are very useful tools for the designer to melt all relevant parameters together, but attending concerts, tweaking and another extensive listening-session are even more important for the finishing touch to the product.

After years of research, Dynamic Solutions gives birth to some speakersystems which move nearer to the performance of the original event than its competitors, even those which are higher priced. Take our Master Three, a small ( 42 by 23 by 36 cm) two-way-system, yet capable of producing the growling of a cello or an acoustic bass with the right weight, capable of producing the punch of a base-drum with the right slam. But it also handles delicate pizzicatos of the low strings in the right, fast way. The woofer-cone has a diameter of 17 cm and is made of 100 % Kevlar, thus combining stiffness with small mass
The result is a fast driver, transients remain fast pulses and therefore no details are lost. Also a very good "stop-go" behaviour is achieved, no vibration of the cone exists if no signal is fed to the woofer, intertransients-silence appears, just like live music, without added colourations.

The cone is also acoustically non-transparent to sound and noises (despite the application of absorbing and deadening materials as used in the aircraft-industry) from inside the cabinet, so the output-sound remains pure.

Built to Masters specifications, this Kevlar-driver takes care of the low and the mid as well, thus avoiding a crossover-frequency that could be perceived by the human ear. An open, uncoloured, vivid midrange is the result.

The dome-tweeter integrates smoothly with the Kevlar-driver and together with the dedicated crossover, this combination produces a phase-coherent sound, a soundstage as existed during the live performance with the right width and front-to-back-depth, a palpable sound, so touching as music is.

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