The Debut turntable is the result of the same “Basis Systems Approach” of product development as other Basis products, where each individual subsystem contributing to the performance of the product is identified. Specific goals for the performance of each subsystem are developed based on the function of that system. Each system is designed, based on fundamental principles of physics, and then tested and optimized to perform its function to the highest level. Only after each system has demonstrated superior performance at its defined function is it approved for use in the final product.

THE DEBUT SUBCHASSIS The subchassis forms the base that holds all of the systems (drive, suspension, bearing/platter, tonearm mount) together. Ideally the subchassis should provide a rigid, non-resonant support for the turntable system components. The massive, two-inch thick stress-relieved acrylic Debut subchassis indeed provides such an ideal support. The acrylic material is cast as a solid block and stress-relieved for stability. The material itself exhibits superb low-resonance characteristics without the need for problematic damping with elastomer materials. One needs only to cue the stylus directly onto the subchassis on Debut, turn the volume up, and tap the subchassis with various light objects such as toothpicks, small hex keys, small screwdrivers, and the like. You will note that the sound from the speakers is different for each object and “sounds” like the material of that object striking acrylic.

Further, the sound is immediate and short without echoes, “overhang”, or ringing. Such a simple test, performed with other subchassis materials, will show the benefits of solid, thick, cast acrylic as used for a properly designed turntable subchassis. The Debut subchassis provides the inert structure that a true, neutral, state of the art record player requires.

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