The Mirror Image "Music That Breathes" Cd-player represents the state of the art in CD playback. “This is the most resolute player we’ve heard to date. In terms of fidelity to the detail on the disc, it cannot be faulted. It is also incredibly well-built and will play almost anything that the audiophile can get hold of. Source components don’t get much better.”

“…the sound of the hi-rez files the Mirror Image Audio could play was stunning: open, airy, grain-free, with a sharply defined soundstage and an excellent sense of the recorded acoustic. Keith Johnson's 24-bit/176.4kHz recording of Eiji Oue and the Minnesota Orchestra performing Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances (HRx, Reference HR96) sounded more robust than the original CD—simply more real, as if the glass of the window between the listening room and the hall in which the recording had been made had been removed.”

“This is the best digital I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard everything and this thing beats everything else by far.” When the Mirror Image Cd-player was first unveiled at the 2010 High End show in Rotterdam, it was the conclusion of one of the largest undertakings in the company’s history. It was also the first complete source component from Mirror Image Audio. The development cycle lasted a painstaking two years in which the entire digital audio playback methodology was examined and reconsidered. The resulting MI Cd-player completely redefined the limits of what a digital player could be. In its short lifetime it has earned over-thetop accolades by countless dealers, reviewers and other manufacturers from around the world.

The MI Cd-player boasts the first truly interactive display in a disc player and countless breakthroughs in digital circuitry and software, including Mirror Image Audio own jitter eliminating Precise Interval Clocking System. These advances are all successfully integrated to produce a truly revelatory listening experience.
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