BASIS 2500

THE 2500/2800 PEDIGREE Before considering any details of the 2500 the prospective purchaser should realize the benefit he will receive from the fact that his 2500 was designed and manufactured by the same company that has designed and produced the incredible Basis Work of Art turntable and the legendary Debut series, which has been in production for 20 years. The 2500 platters and bearings are identical to the Debut items. The 2500 uses the same motor as the Debut. The 2500 suspension is an adaptation of the Debut suspension. It would be impossible for the 2500 to be produced at its price without the simultaneous production of Debut parts. As for the design pedigree, it is undeniable: the same designer of the Work of Art and Debut designed the 2500. The 2800 is identical to the 2500 while adding the Basis Vacuum Record Hold-Down System.

2500/2800 OVERVIEW The 2500 Signature represents the refinement of the original 2500, which has been in production since 1987. The 2500 incorporates an innovative adaptation of the Basis fluid damped suspension of the Debut model. By incorporating the suspension under the turntable platform Basis has been able to reduce the size of the subchassis, gaining an advantageous “thickness-to-length ratio” for improved resonant behavior. We have named the suspension isolators “Resonance Annihilators” as they indeed perform the function of converting vibrational energy, on each side of the Annihilator, into heat energy. The close proximity of the tonearm to the adjacent isolator is a great advantage of the 2500 over any other turntable design: tonearm energy, created as the stylus traces the record groove, is effectively and immediately eliminated by this close isolator. The result is an immediate and direct sound, the hallmark of the suspended 2000 series turntables.

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