BASIS 2200

THE 2200 PEDIGREE Before considering any details of the 2200 the prospective purchaser should realize the benefit he will receive from the fact that his 2200 was designed and manufactured by the same company that has designed and produced the incredible Basis Work of Art turntable and the legendary Debut series, which has been in production for 20 years. The 2200 platters and bearings are machined by the same precision machinists, on the same tooling, as the similar parts of the Debut and Work of Art! The 2200 uses the same motor as the Debut. The 2200 suspension is an adaptation of the Debut suspension. It would be impossible for the 2200 to be produced at its price without the simultaneous production of Debut parts. As for the design pedigree, it is undeniable: the same designer of the Work of Art and Debut designed the 2200.

The subchassis forms the base that holds all of the systems (drive, suspension, bearing/platter, tonearm mount) together. Ideally the subchassis should provide a rigid, non-resonant support for the turntable system components. The stress-relieved acrylic 2200 subchassis indeed provides such an ideal support. As stated above, the compact length and width of the 2200 provides an advantageous “thickness-to-length ratio” for great resonant control and tightly couples the suspension to the tonearm mount area for greater vibrationquenching capabilities. The 2200 subchassis is closer to the thickness of the 2500 than the 2001, despite its price being much closer to the 2001.

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