BASIS 2001

The “Signature Series” represents the largest group of upgrades that Basis Audio has ever implemented in our turntable line. Improvements include our latest Balanced Rotor Motors, Superdamp Isolation System changes, and Micro-Hone bearing finishing procedure. The Balanced Rotor Motors reduce motor vibration significantly. The Superdamp Isolation further stabilizes the 2000 series suspended models, and further distance the Debut suspension, already the most effective isolation system on any turntable, from any other turntable’s suspension. Our Micro-Hone bearing and bushing matching results in greater background “blackness” than ever before. Additionally, many other smaller refinements have been made since our last model designations.

Belt-drive turntable manufacturers should always strive to deliver the lowest cogging and vibration to the critical platter and record system. Judging from the use, in other brands, of some industrial, very cog-prone motors, and the existence of multiple-motor turntables, the importance of feeding as little noise as possible into the platter (and therefore the record and stylus) is unfortunately not understood by many manufacturers. Quick measurements show that large motors, multiple motors, and round 0-ring belts can result in a one-hundred fold increase in noise added to the audio signal. Some may mistake this for “detail”, “air”, or “increased attack”. In reality, this is moving away from the sound on the record, using the turntable to act as a tone control rather than the desired neutral playback device. The Basis Balanced Rotor Motor reduces this noise, resulting in greater background blackness, less grain, more coherent soundfield cues, and a sound that is more like that of master tapes (the best reproduced sound) and real music (the true reference).

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